Deyan Donkov
The King
Bilyana Petrinska
The Sorceress
Dimitar Enchev
The youngest brother
Azusa Yoneoka
The empress
Alexandra Marinova
Ok Sun


Milena Kaleva
Story by
Marina Chervenkova
Screenplay by
Yordan Dichev and Milena Kaleva
Executive producer
Valeri Kostov
Produced by
Milena Kaleva and Marina Chervenkova
Director of photography
Kiril Palikarski
Production designer
Marina Chervenkova
Production designer (japanese tale)
Pavlina Kotseva
Music by
Sonic media design and Hugo Tromp
Sound design by
Ivan Andreev
Edited by
Michael Dervenski
Voice Over by
Leslie Grantham
Visual effects by
Nikolay Kolev and Live pixels studio - Georgi Vrabchev, Evgeni Damianov, Stanislav Bonchev
Title designer
Nikolay Kolev
Set and costume design by
Marina Chervenkova
Hair and make up artist
Nina Tzoncheva
Set and costume designer's assistants
Iliyana Kancheva and Elena Stoilova
Art department assistant
Valentin Mitev
Sound recordists
Ivan Andreev and Veselin Zografov
Boris Banovski
1st assistant director
Lyubomir Pechev
2nd assistant director
Katya Trichkova
1st assistant camera
Dimitar Skobelev
Camera operator: "b" camera
Michael Boevski
Focus puller
Plamen Jeliazkov-Flambeto
Camera assistants
Kaloyan Bozhilov, Emiliyan Atanasov and Petar Angelov
Unit stills photographer
Dimitar Katsarov
Script doctor
Damian Damianov

„Time for tales” is a project for a television series of 6, each episode 30 minutes long, targeted at teenage and child audience. In the show, besides the actors, there will be used puppets, like in the Jim Hanson's “Storyteller” where these series are inspired from, as well as animated characters. There will be visual Fxs.

Each episode will tell a story from a different country – the bulgarian “The three brothers and the golden apple”, the japanese “Ice laces” and “A story about the King and the Sorceress” and others.

The main idea is to give a fun and easy way for the children to get a feel of the different cultures and values brought to them through the fairy tales told.

For the project a 2 min and 20 sec. trailer is shot, in which we have included the most vivid moments from the japanese, bulgarian and the archplot of the series - The story for the king and the sorceress.

In every episode a fairytale from a different country will be told while the storyteller will be the gathering link between them. There will be an archplot, that will develop in unison with the stories told in the tales of the different episodes. The storyteller in the series is a foreign sorceress that had come in the kingdom with the biggest library in the world.

In this library there was an ancient book, that the king couldn't read – The Golden book. It held the secrets of power and wisdom.

The Sorceress asked the king to read the book for him, in return she would make him wise and powerful. So she started to read him the tales from the book, each one embroiled with a wise moral. But The King felt the Sorceress's bad influence on him, for she wanted his kingdom. As the wise man that he was, he found a way to send her away without a direct confrontation – he sent her for The Black book far far away with the hope to never see her again.

But she manages to get this fabled Black book, becomes stronger and stronger and returns to finally take the kingdom from the king.

All the soldiers of the king are no match for her new acquired powers, she defys them easily. She then stands before the king, all sad and lonely, while she is vengeful and ready to exact her revenge... only to understand that one can not punish his beloved.